So you are in the working world and your name has definitely made it. You graduated from university a few years ago in Graphic Design at Leeds Polytechnic with an MA in Graphic Design at the Royal College of Art to follow. You have collaborated with commercials, musicians, and exhibitions and worked across a brilliant range of medium from poster design, advertising and moving image from leaving education. Who could you be? The one and only Anthony Burrill.  What hasn’t he done is the question I’d really love to ask. His work has been seen by millions and not just in England, but also America, Tokyo and beyond.

But what is Anthony really like to work with and what is his drive to create his graphics? In answer I can safely say he genuinely is a lovely chap, open minded and full of advice. But lets dig a little deeper and get those answers for some well needed questions…

Nicola Manuel: Many people will know your name having been in the creative sector themselves, but for those who may not know who you are can you list your practician in a sentence?

Anthony Burrill: Since graduating from the Royal college of Art in 1991 I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects, posters, advertising campaigns, TV commercials, exhibitions, sculpture, installations, music, fashion and numerous projects in between. The main thread of my work has been an inquisitive interest in things, people and places. I’m fascinated by people and the world they live in. My life and the work I do are the same thing, I don’t see any difference, I work in the same way that I live, trying to see the humour in any situation, not getting to serious about things and trying to spread an optimistic message.

An on-going poster series of simple typographic statements produced using traditional woodblock techniques.

Self-published (2004 – 2012)


NM: Coming from university the transition between education into work is vast to say the least. What are you best words of advice for recent graduates?

AB: Make work you believe in, join together with like minded people to create your own space. Don’t take rejection too seriously, trust in your own judgement and have as much fun and enjoyment as you can.


NM: What projects have you been working on recently?

AB: A design workshop in São Paulo, an exhibition at Kemistry Gallery, a print workshop for Levi’s, a poster for Florence and the Machine, a cover design for Wallpaper* magazine.



Silver Block Foil print, open edition, signed in pencil, 51x76cm.

270 gsm Black Colorplan paper.

Self-published (2012)

NM: Your work covers a huge variety of methods which is beautifully represented within your graphic design, but if you had to choose a method that was your chosen favourite what would it be and why?

AB: I love wood type, I’m lucky to have an amazing wood type printer near where I live in Rye. The process is fascinating and produces beautiful results that are impossible to achieve any other way.

NM: What are the three key principles that have aided your success?

AB: Hard work, being nice to people and a good sense of humour!

An on-going poster series of simple typographic statements produced using traditional woodblock techniques.

Self-published (2004 – 2012)

NM: If you were to describe your professional career as a three-course menu what would it be and why?

AB: The starter would be a rice cake, nothing to get excited about, a bit dry and boring and ultimately unsatisfying. The second course would be a jacket potato with cheese, something that takes ages to prepare, that is very simple and easy to do and can actually be quite tasty! The dessert would be the biggest ice-cream sundae you’ve ever seen, full of lots of different ingredients that you wouldn’t think would work well together, but was actually the most amazing thing you’ve ever tasted!


If you’ve been inspired to do something a little creative this summer by the words of Anthony Burrill then go on do it! If you want to have a look into his famous typography and graphic design then you simple need to click here for a bit more of a taster of his work. Anthony is a lovely, friendly man who will happily say hello to anyone if you ever have any queries within the graphic design sector, so do say hello to this man in the stripy t-shirts.

Screen-printed poster made with oil from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster. 
Proceeds from the sale of the print were donated to CRCL (Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana)
a non-profit organisation dedicated to restoring the Gulf of Mexico’s coastal wetlands.
The project was conceived and produced in collaboration with Happiness Brussels (2010)


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