Your Role(s)

By Emily Cotton

Do you ever wonder why in some situations you’re the centre of attention, but in others you’re just a hushed tone in the corner? Maybe you blame it on being tired or perhaps you relate it to not liking others around. 

The way that we interact with certain personalities may differ, but the fact is we’re all out to fulfil a role. We judge a person on status, how popular or authoritative we think that they are. If you’re near someone you barely notice then you automatically become higher in rank to them. Or if you’re with someone who you think has a nicer dress sense or more friends or maybe even just a better smile than you then you go down a grade.

This unconscious adjusting happens to us all.

Seriously, try and remember a time that a group of friends got on, all equally participating without being under instruction? It’s just a no go. We need that classic joker, the entertainer to come out, someone to fill the gaps. We need the support team, those people that will back us whatever situation. And then the newbie’s, or maybe less associated with the group or in most cases the people that get shut out for the above people to “entertain.” It depends on your connections within this group as to which category you fall into.

Which of these would you class yourself? Unsure because of the situation? It would be interesting to see what role you next take up.


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