Petite, smiley and full of energy, there can only be two girls who really live up to this description. Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul make up this illustration duo named Cachetejack and are a wonder to have met, with a cheeky smile and a pen in hand they give illustration a fresh meaning. Currently being based in Valencia and Prague they hope to hop across to England’s finest capital, London, early next year to join the hustle and bustle of the creative life. With their unique, very distinguishable style I wanted to find out a little more about their backgrounds, working in Spain and the meaning behind their wonderful illustrations.

Nicola Manuel: Cachetejack is a very unusual name, how did it come about?

Cachetejack: The name appeared one night while we were talking on a sofa. We realise Cachetejack can sound strange in English but in Spanish “Cachete” means slap or bottom. It doesn’t mean anything set in concrete but we think it sounds strong and funny and we loved it since the first moment!


NM: Describe Cachetejack in one word…

CJ: Humorous.

NM: You work a lot with the creation of situations and the environment around us, what has led you to illustrate this more over something fictional?

CJ: We are very observant people and we really enjoy the things that can happen to everybody. Ideas began to be born in the street with friends and we always love the use of text within images. It’s funny how you can transform a common image into something ironical or sarcastic with only the addition of a phrase…

NM: What is the main message that you intend to send across within your work to viewers?

CJ: We always try to have fun doing our work. What we would like is that the viewers also enjoy the illustrations and feel complicity with the image we are showing

NM: The transition between education and freelance is a tough one. What three points would you give to students coming from education?

CJ:  1. Heart, thoughts and esthetics. Do what you feel to make your work authentic and personal.  Concept must be present in the images, not only it must be beauty, your work must tell something.

2. Perseverance and complete dedication.

3. To trust what you do.

NM: If you were to list your illustration’s after a sweet, what sweet would it be and why?

CJ: The flavor of our illustrations would be the sweet with acid power with half sweet half acid coating.


NM: If I were to say illustration, you’d say…

CJ: Let’s go!

NM: What is the main difference between working in Spain in comparison to England?

CJ: England always has been a step ahead in fashion, arts and of course, illustration. In England illustration is accepted whereas in Spain the understanding of illustration is too old with no risk, compositions or techniques. So the style of our country is more traditional but of course that is starting to change!

For more information on these lovely two click below for…




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