Spilt Inc. is an online publication bought to you by two Southampton University students, Katy Flint and Emily Wilson. But what is Spilt Inc. and how did it come about? The online publication shows a variety of people writing about various topics that they want to discuss. Both Katy and Emily are humanities students studying themselves and so they sought out to gather a new publication that would give the opportunity for students to have a voice.

Naturally we wanted to ask them a few questions about it as we, Soapbox Press, are also a publication that are keen to give students a platform for the creative voice.

Nicola Manuel: Have you and Emily had more of a chance to write yourselves, creating a voice for your own opinions?

Spilt Inc.: Spilt inc. has given the two of us the opportunity to write our own articles, and express our opinions of topics we consider important. However, the majority of the pieces are centered around the ideas and opinions of others, as Spilt inc. is designed to give as many people as possible the opportunity to express themselves and gain writing experience. We have also become occupied with the marketing and admin side of things, responding to new writers and PR companies.


NM: What is the most bizarre piece of writing you have been sent to publish?

SI: We try our best to be as open minded as possible, so even the most bizarre things can normally make a great piece somehow. We have however been sent some extremely odd short stories and poems from modern day wannabe Sophocles types. Some of the music we’ve been asked to review has also been very odd to say the least. However, you never really know what articles are going to go viral. Sometimes the oddest band, or the strangest article will capture the interest of people.


NM: What do you feel gives Spilt Inc. its name?

SI: Spilt Inc.’s name itself reflects the idea of flowing, changing ideas from all directions. We hope to be renowned as a forum for young writers, allowing them to express their ideas and views to the public, and helping them to break into the chaotic, competitive world of journalism should they desire. Spilt Inc.’s profile on social media sites such as facebook and twitter helps our writers and readers bond, and become a diverse community, something that is an important part of our concept.


NM: Is there a certain mix of diversification you look for or are you open to a range of writing?


SI: Our site is divided into sections: feature, music, TV/film, sport and of the week. In general articles fit into these categories, but such is the nature of the ‘feature’ and ‘of the week’ sections that we can incorporate almost all subject matter. Our writers use a variety of writing styles, from colloquial, personal column type pieces, to formal essays or discussions depending on the topic. We try to keep a balance between the formal and the humorous, with plenty of middle ground for witty yet cynical, informed pieces. We are also looking to expand our categories into travel, book reviews and poetry, as there seems to be a need from both writers and readers for such genres.


NM: What sort of opinions would you like most to voice?


SI: Spilt Inc.’s opinions do not always represent those of Katy and myself personally. Our criteria simply are that opinions must be well informed, and close to the heart of their author. We are a left-wing/liberal leaning publication, but this does not mean we ignore opinions from other political and social viewpoints.


NM: If Spilt Inc. were to become a dessert, what would it be and why?

SI: A trifle. Although not the sexiest of puddings, there are lots of different layers that you can dig into to take as much as you want out of Spilt Inc. On the surface, we have the articles themselves, which can be dipped into as and when. Then we have the discussions and comments about the articles underneath them, which are relayed to facebook. Finally behind the site we have the community of writers themselves who are discussing topics and ideas constantly behind the scenes, and promoting their ideas and articles, and those of others, through social media.


NM: Describe Spilt Inc. in three words.


SI: Exciting, progressive, now.

So this summer if you fancy something different have a browse into the world of Spilt Inc for features, music, tv and more. Contact details are there too so get cracking!


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