Graham’s passion for the outside world is visible within his designs with the use of vivid colours mixed with elements from nature. It is quite the norm to see Graham mixing a pot of mud instead of paint. Having worked with Graham in the same  graphics studio over the past year I wanted to find out a little bit more about his values, guidelines and what his plan for the future is.

NM: Describe yourself in five words.

GR: Enthusiastic, inquisitive, honest, determined, creative.

NM: What are your six guidelines in which you follow to help design your work?

GR: Be responsible, be positive, challenge norms, be honest, be light-hearted and whisper, don’t shout.

Logo created by mud creating Grahams identity.

NM: How much of an impact does the outside world really have on your design?

I think it’s always important to think of your impact in everything you do, to consider the consequences; whether that changes how you talk to someone or where your paper is sourced. This means that I am often inspired by nature and the ‘outside world’ to experiment with materials that have minimal impact on the environment; for example creating my own logo from mud. And it’s more fun to try out new things and mess around with stuff that isn’t a computer!

NM: Having been a student at Winchester School of Art yourself, what would you say is the best aspect you have taken away from studying there?

GR: I think that being a student at Winchester School of Art helped me to realise that it’s important to not become too absorbed in anything, whether it’s work or whatever; don’t take yourself too seriously, don’t take the course too seriously, have fun while you have so much freedom! The fantastic studio atmosphere also helped me to realise it’s important to have regular discussions with fellow students to make sure you’re not going off on a tangent, not going mad and to help generate ideas.

Final Major Project, an advertising campaign for the ‘Good Fish Guide’.

NM: What are you doing now having entered that transition between education and work?

GR: I am currently interning at an Oxford based charity called Student Hubs, working on communications projects including their annual review, branding projects and branded style templates for their 7 national hubs. I think they’re a fantastic organisation in terms of bridging the gap between education and work; I’m having weekly group training sessions in subjects like project management, campaigning and fundraising which are really helping to give me new skills, all their staff are recent graduates under 30 and there’s a great atmosphere to boot! I still can’t believe my luck. I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet that I’ve graduated, but I’m glad I’ve managed to immerse myself into the ‘world of work’ so soon after finishing at WSA; I don’t like sitting still!

Now time for those quick questions to round off the interview:

Q: What is your favourite book?

A:  ”The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time” by Mark Haddon.

Q: What is your ideal brand to advertise?

A: Some sort of chocolate. Green and Blacks (said with the utmost certainty).

A poster advertisement created for Divine Chocolate. 


Q: Three aspirations for the future?

A: A house by the sea, a job I enjoy and happy kids.

Q: Favourite sweets?

A: Sherbet Lemons

So get yourself a bag of sherbet lemons and sit yourself down with a view of Grahams work on hisblogflickr or blipfoto. Also keep an eye out in the future around Oxford; I’m sure the name ‘Graham Read’ will sit loud and proud.


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