Founder of Plog, Director of the magazine publication, Online Designer for Estée Lauder Companies and full time student going into his final year at Winchester School of Art, you could say Son Emirali is a busy body.


This doesn’t stop Son though in his success through university having completed projects that have seen him to become featured in It’s Nice That, every Graphic Designers dream magazine. I really take my hat off to him. Having just completed his second year successfully, he is currently now on his summer in between second and third year interning as a designer at Story Worldwide advertising agency and so I catch a moment to talk to this busy guy about his achievements up to this present day.

Nicola Manuel: First things first it’s really got to be a question about Plog, which I’m sure you’re not surprised about. How did you go about with the thought of starting Plog and getting it to where it is today?

Son Emirali: It started in my first year of uni, we had to design a magazine cover for one of our briefs, I got pretty caught up with the concept of the mag so after the cover I thought why not go ahead and make the actual magazine?

At the time I was fairly new to all things graphic design, I was really getting into the world of blogging and was constantly inspired by other students art work, thought it’d be a shame if all this work was forgotten about whilst floating around the digital world and that it needed to be preserved in a publication.

After the success of issue 1, it was just great motivation to push the mag, each time upping the content and quality, building a fan base, developing a team structure, managing distribution etc.


Plog Issue Three

NM: For a year in publication to reach number 5 in Plog magazines it is pretty amazing. How have you kept the motivation going for feeding in the new?

SE: I think we help each other out quite a lot, we’re all inspired by very different work so we’re constantly bouncing inspiration off one another.  So when it comes down to selecting our features we always ensure we have wide variety and constantly critique the content along the way.

NM: So lets get to know you a little more. Describe your practician in a sentence.

SE: ‘Seeing something in the apparent nothing’ the ordinary is often extraordinary to me.

NM: What leads your type of design within university?

SE: Work does things differently, I mean really differently, like how Madeline and Gins believe the architecture of their house can prolong their life.


Emirali & Sons, Self Directed Installation


NM: Looking at what has been designed to date, what is the one thing that you’d have liked to design?

SE: A house.

NM: Finally here is some quick questions for you to choose a favourite…

Q: Magazine or book?

A: I think I’d have to go with book.

Q: Coffee or tea?

A: Coffee coffee coffee

Q: Digital or film photography?

A: Film

Q: Twitter or facebook?

A: Twitter



Fosters, Self Directed Print Design. Featured in It’s Nice That.


So from pushing the boundaries within Graphic Design to creating the amazing magazine that is Plog, this Son fellow has done himself pretty proud whilst still studying in full time education. Surely you can see that now? If you want to have a look at a little more of Son’s work then just click here. His website is exciting on the eye with many more projects and their explanations following.

Son Emirali. That name has and will go far… Had to be said.


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