You’ve read the title and are probably wondering ‘well what’s going on here then?’ or probably some less stereotypically British version of this. Well; in as few words as possible; I am an ecotarian. Now you have probably furrowed your brow; scratched your head and perhaps asked those nearby if ecotarians are the ones who eat fish or eggs. Ecotarians; however; are the ones who try to eat as sustainably and with as little damage to the environment as possible.

This – for me personally – does include trying to eat as few animal products as possible but it needn’t if one goes about it in the right way. I chose this way out of simplicity; the relatively lower cost; possible health benefits and really disliking how cold chicken is when you cut it. Oh and animal rights. As you’d imagine this is a life pervading view that is just reflected in my eating habits; it affects what I choose to wear; how I travel and how bad I feel about the prospect of travelling abroad and myriad other aspects of my days and nights.

Image by Marcello Gibezzi

Perhaps you think this is unnecessary; that I shouldn’t stress myself out unduly; and that I should take another bite out of that barn raised bacon sandwich. I would say a few things:

Unnecessary according to who? I’m not here to preach; merely share an opinion; but global warming is happening and anything I can do to mitigate the apocalypse can only be a good thing. If you are now murmuring that global warming is a myth; oh no; we may accidentally stumble upon a way to make our world much more sustainable and to stretch our finite resources that massive bit further. I’m sure you agree this would be a horrible occurrence.
It isn’t stressful. I enjoy the trials and tribulations of trying vinegar as a clothes softener; the occasional heart-stopping jumps in price that stop me from purchasing some ethical items (fair trade olive oil costs how much?); the little inconsistencies that give other people pause (‘didn’t she just say she cared about the environment? What’s eco about olive oil?’); ethical consumerism (I shan’t apologise for liking to shop. I am working on my horrible addiction to buying by buying things used; buying things ethically; buying things…) and many; many other reasons I won’t go into just yet..
Actually; your barn bacon may (I stress the may) be the most environmental option but bacon is no longer my kryptonite and more importantly that poor piggie didn’t have a good time making it. So enjoy it but I’ll only have one bite; if that.

To return to the title; honey was my first experiment with a homemade face wash. It was nice not having to worry about getting it in my eyes and it seemed to work; recently concerns over the treatment of bees have led me to abandon honey – and weep – but I will still be experimenting. I am going to try adding baking soda to shampoo to give it a little more panache. I’m using a very cheap one free of chemicals that are either harsh (I have afro hair and as such have to treat it like a queen) or some people have apparent cause to believe cause cancer. I shall keep you posted.

Written by Olli Niyi-Awosusi


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