Twitter. It’s really coming to it’s own now, gaining that know as a social network to have. A social network that introduces you to jobs, fellow students, companies and others alike to you! Sitting through and browsing the brilliant tweets I fall upon Justified Magazine. With a cheeky hello and purchase of their first magazine I am introduced to Joshua Ogden, creator and editor of this brilliant publication. So what do you they do? They are a publication that showcase artistic submissions from students to recent graduates including Architects, Photographers and designers: all whilst still studying at university. Impressive right? I am lucky enough to speak to Joshua to find out a little more about his publication, study and motivation to create what he has made.

Nicola Manuel: Oh hello. For those who don’t recognise your name can you tell us a little about yourself as a designer?

Joshua Ogden: Hello, yeh I should spice up my name..

Lord Josh King of Cats

I am a Graphic Designer specialising in print and publication design. I try to stick to the one simple rule of the industry that is.. Work for an hour, play ping pong for 2. If I nail this then good projects follow… usually.

NM: That actually made me laugh, brilliant! It was quite amazing to find you over twitter and get in contact through there, how much do I sound like a granny?! How does twitter and social networking benefit you?

JO: I know it’s a crazy world… you can causally talk to Westlife, Tulisa and find out how Cadburys are getting one all in one tiny space on my Mac. But in all seriousness Social networking is amazing (if used correctly). If you can balance doing productive work and social networking then all is good. If you do a nice piece of work, a little promotion via twitter is really beneficial but don’t let social networking become the focus. Over Tweeting is annoying and makes me think what do they actually do with their day. I think start up companies can benefit really well, as essentially it is free publicity, you can see if you have a genuine interest, the culture seems to be people become precious with who they follow, so if you have thousands you have a direct contact with lots of little faces.

Justified Magazine- Inside Content

NM: So let’s get cracking on the questions about Justified Magazine. Congratulations on releasing your first publication, you must be extremely pleased! How did the idea come about and what was the motivation to push it into a book format instead of keeping it as an online presence?

JO: Thank you! I am very pleased.

So this all started in Cambridge, I was designing a blog for my girlfriend (Lara Orska), she started posting architectural images, subconsciously curating a feel to her blog that’s unique. I thought it would be a nice idea to curate a blog showcasing brand new works from students wanting exposure, each piece of work would fit the aesthetic I was after and within a few weeks had loads of people getting involved.

A blog is great, it’s a place to post new images but after about 10 new images the ones before are almost forgotten, the Idea for a printed publication came naturally. We take the design of Justified seriously; we want each piece to have its place within the magazine and the showcased designer to feel proud to be apart of the collection of works.

Will Whiting and Jasper van den Bosch (sub Editors) have been helping me throughout the process of No.1 and we have been pushing the idea of Justified, we have big plans, in the form of exhibitions and events.

A spread from Justified Magazine.

NM: Will we see any more publications from you in the future?

JO: We are putting together No.2 as we speak and have a massive studio insight with one of the top design collectives leading the way in art and design. It will be launched after Christmas. We are excited.


NM: In your views, what does the future hold for publishing print?

JO: My view on it is this, digital is at a boom, everything from magazines to food shopping is going online and these obviously have huge positives. But the negatives are becoming apparent. Living a life through an Iphone, reading magazines on an Ipad, listening to music on an Ipod not going to the library, not going to book clubs not having those chance meetings with people are dehumanising and becoming realised. The backlash to the digital age is becoming more profound, independent publishers and bookshops especially in East London are going as strong if not stronger than ever. People really buy into the tactility of a printed publication. If designed well, people will even start collecting. Look at publishing houses such as The Church of London. They are thriving from printed material.

A business that can coexist digital and traditional will always reach a wider audience, and feel better for it. I think anyway.

NM: Back to your own designs as a designer yourself. If you were to describe your style as a three course meal, what would the dishes be and why?

JO:  I had a really weird meal in Budapest that was meat on hooks, fried toast, spring rolls and a weird chocolate thing. If you saw my site/next Justified you would see why that would suite my work.

Fifteen Steps

Fifteen Steps

NM: What are you main inspirations that drive both Justified Magazine and your own work?

JO: We have big plans for a collective called Paradise Now, with a group of designers. The aim is to be a design company/ publishing house. Keep a look out for it; it’s to be launched soon.

As for Justified, The next steps are to create a banging website and to keep pushing and keep it growing!

Time for those quirky quick round questions to round this lovely interview up…

Print or online? Print

Book or magazine? Zine? Ok Book

Favourite designer? 2xElliot (design company)

Book you are currently reading? Ethical Idealism by Nicholas Rescher for dissertation… pff

Favourite quote? Would you rather have fingers as long as legs, or legs as long as fingers. – Lara Orska

Well this interview has definitely made me laugh and for all the right reasons. I’m sure Josh or LordJoshkingofCats would have put a smile on your chops too. To have a cheeky look at his own work then click right about here. Then after you’ve done that have a look into Justified Magazine, maybe a purchase there too? It’s a really well designed magazine, brought to you by students  created for students.

Keep those eyes peeled for Paradise House too, I certainly will be.


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