So Vain is an independent, web-only fashion magazine about fashion and beauty. Set up by the Editor in Chief, Stephanie Reed in Italy, So Vain is now published every 3 months and consists of a range of fashion tips and trends for it’s growing audience. We grabbed a impromptu coffee with the lovely Stephanie, now an international student at Oxford Brookes University, to find out more about how So Vain.

Piero Regnante: Hello! It’s been great to hear about ‘So Vain’ and the upcoming launch of your sixth issue. So how did the idea of starting ‘So Vain’ Magazine come about?

Stephanie Reed: So I had been writing for magazines for 2 years and I also had a fashion blog, FashionSensation, where I had some followers but I found it wasn’t really satisfying my creativity anymore. Through the blog and my experience in magazines I got to know a lot of contacts, ranging from fashions stylists to make-up artists and journalist, so I decided I should get them involved as contributors for my blog. At the beginning it was just meant to be a platform for different people to talk about fashion.  After a while we decided to create our own publication online magazine to accompany the blog.

‘So Vain’ Home page.

PR: What would you say is So Vain Magazine’s target audience now then?

SR: Boys and girls, aged between 18 and 24. University students and young professionals, usually people with limited budgets that still want to have a personal style and to really stand out from the crowd. We try to inspire and encourage them to have their own personal style, one that is affordable.

PR: You’ve already mentioned that So Vain is an online-based magazine, why have you chosen this online format and what are the advantages of this?

SR: We’ve chosen to be online because there is already a large existing range of printed fashion magazines, like Vogue. I don’t think it’s worth trying to compete with the ‘big boys’ who have been running for a long time and are well established.

It’s clear that printed magazines are on the decline; it’s not disappearing and will probably never disappear, but a lot of magazines are going online – you can buy Vogue or Elle on the ipad or tablet now too. Why should you try to compete with these existing print companies and publications when you could try something just as exciting and new, digitally? The advantages of being online based is that it’s more attractive and engaging. Advertising has been proven to be a lot more effective online, so that is an encouragement for support from our advertisers. We can also provide different services for our readers; you can link products from the magazine directly to online shops so readers can purchase the items online instead of searching in stores later and to, probably, find it’s in your size! You can also incorporate different medias such as music or video to online magazines too.

Fashion Spreads from ‘So Vain’.
Fashion Spreads from ‘So Vain’.

PR: I can definitely see the benefits of being online. You’ve already said there are many existing fashion magazines out there, with Fashion magazine culture being quite varied what can readers expect to find/read in So Vain Magazine?

SR: You can expect to find a world that was created exactly for them. We want to know their needs and we understand that people can’t afford to buy a Gucci dress, and anyhow it’s not practical – when will you wear it? So Vain is practical tips for what you should wear, maybe to work experience or your first interview, even at university. How you can you be comfortable but still follow trends; it’s more about personal style then fashion, about finding your individually without having to hand over all your money and making the most of high street shops.

PR: What is your biggest inspiration for So Vain Magazine?

SR: Our inspiration is on the streets, real people who wear real trends. You would never see in popular published magazines, those hats with animals on top that everyone is wearing at the moment. But why not talk about them? They’re really fun and could be used to inspire others. We’re not really inspired by designers or fashion icons, more by what’s on the street and what people wear and like, so it’s hard to pick out a particular inspirations. If I had to pick someone personally I really like Alexa Chung, she amazing, I love her style.

PR: You have some great writers and contributors involved with So Vain, so how can people get involved?

SR: Just send us an email and that it really. Pass on your us a CV and tell us about your experience. We really want to have contributors with writings and inspirations that match So Vain’s style and mission.

So head over to to check out their expanding online content and the current issue. Don’t forget to check out their facebook and twitter to keep up to date with what they’re up too!

‘So Vain’ Magazing Issue 5

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