The Good God

Have you ever had a Christian explain God to you?

If you have, I’m sure many of you will have heard a variety of inadequate answers to the Trinity – probably an analogy of some sort, often to do with toothpaste or an egg.

Ultimately though, when these analogies of God are outgrown and fail their actual meaning, the Trinity can be brushed to one side as an insignificant issue, as something Christians must accept cannot be understood.

However, Mike Reeves’ The Good God offers a simulating answer to the topic that does not disappoint; wrestling with myths, fears and false ideas, this book uncovers a true understanding of the topics surrounding the Trinity which are rarely explored. In doing so, Reeves reveals a beautiful, loving and relational God. He begins to unveil the deeper meaning and reason for why Christians worship a Triune (three-person) God and the significance and confidence it gives to their faith.

Unlike many other books that cover the topic, Reeves shares an insightful, profound and engaging understanding of the Trinity in a way that doesn’t give you a mass migraine after reading the first sentence.

With a scattering of Reeves’ great sense of humour throughout, The Good God is genuinely a joy to read and offers a light and accessible perspective with real theological wisdom that is faithful to the bible and its teachings about God.

The book offers an insightful and fresh look at the true nature of the Trinity that transforms and enlarges our view of God. If you want to know what God is truly like, and an understanding that goes beyond toothpaste and eggs, then I would start here!

The Good GodBook Review by Piero Regnante


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