There is always room online for something a little bit different. A space to be as creative as you want, from blogging amazing ideas, recipes, artists and other creative’s. Oh plus some really amazing interviews… So two lovely ladies named Rosie Brown and Roseanna Clare could only really occupy this space to its full extent and they are doing a grand job with it to date.

Year One.

Let’s get chatting with these two recent graduates in BA (Hons) Fine Art to find out what they’ve been up to, where ‘Year One’ started and where it’s going.

Nicola Manuel: Oh hello you two lovely ladies. How has your time been since graduation?

Year One: Oh hey! Since uni we’ve been pretty busy. We’re doing completely different things, but we’ve both found it a bit tricky to find a balance between work and fun stuff – mainly because at uni the fun stuff was the work. But overall, we are fab thanks!

NM: Talk to us about what Year One is and how it came about.

YO: We’d always talk about starting a magazine one day, since we have the same taste in practically everything – then one sunny day earlier this year, we had a picnic at the castle in Winchester, and decided just to go for it.

It’s a way of documenting our year, and making sure we stay creative now we’ve graduated. We knew we wanted to have a set list of things to do each month – like an interview, or a recipe – so it made sense to make it a blog instead of going straight for a printed outcome. That’s still in the pipeline, but for now we’re focussing on the online content.

Macaroon making! Snapshot from the Year One blog.
Macaroon making! Snapshot from the Year One blog.

NM: Independent fellows who wish to pursue a voice online do blog their masses. It is completed for an audience to read, but also a clear distinction that you are doing it to voice an opinion, asking yourself questions and answering them. What makes Year One a step away from the norm of an online blog?

YO: We never really aimed to be different, or find our niche. I don’t think it’s possible to be that different internet-wise, because as you say, it’s a massively overcrowded market. We try to write our tutorials and recipes to be as reader-friendly as possible, but we don’t think too much about what we post. If we both find something interesting, we go for it, and if other people like it too then that’s a bonus!


NM: Where do you see Year One heading? Can we expect more features to come within the upcoming months?

YO: There are a couple of things we’re planning at the moment. In the last couple of months, our main focus has been Christmas, so the blog has been really craft-heavy. The new year will be a lot less so (although we do love crafts so maybe not!)

In Conversation With... another brilliant feature to their blog.
In Conversation With… another brilliant feature to their blog.

NM: Who are your main inspirations as both artists and bloggers?

YO: Artist-wise we could be here forever. A quick fire list without thinking too much about it: Ed Ruscha, John Stezaker, Susan Hiller, Bob & Roberta Smith. We both really like Tim Walker’s photography. Oh, and the two photographers at the Tate Modern at the moment – William Klein and Daido Moriyama. There’s a blog called A Beautiful Mess, run by two sisters in the US. They’re basically living our dream – running a sick blog, doing diy projects, and owning an amazing vintage shop. We also both upload a photo everyday to, a daily photo site, so that keeps us inspired and constantly looking around us for photo opportunities.

NM: For a young creative – or even an old – who wants to set up his or her own blog, what words of wisdom would you now pass on with the knowledge of starting up a blog?

YO: Just do it. Don’t be scared about what you’re posting – if you like it, chances are someone else will. We’ve found it really useful to impose a few rules on ourselves. Knowing that you have a few things you need to do that month means you don’t end up in a rut. Post regularly, and be constantly looking at other blogs or magazines.

NM: Describe Year One in three words.

YO: A bit turquoise.

Homemade Teabags.
Homemade Teabags.


NM: Random question? Why not. What are your aims for the next coming year both as Year One and individually?

YO: Hopefully in the next year we’ll start preparations for our first printed magazine, and the blog will become bigger and better! It would also be amazing if we found jobs we love and preferably ones that make use of our degrees.

Quick round questions!

Blogging or magazine?

Both! Having something physical that you can keep forever is irreplaceable but blogging wins in terms of immediacy and accessibility.

Biscuits or cake?

Pretty torn about this one. Cake just about clinches it though.

Digital or analogue?

Gonna have to go analogue if we’re talking photography. We’re both big lovers of film – if developing was a bit cheaper, we’d probably never shoot digital!

If this hasn’t put you in a creative mood then I really don’t know what will. Come each season the girls apply their skills and knowledge to help you become ever so slightly more creative (it’s hiding there somewhere within you, promise).  So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at their blog, what they’re making and who they are nattering to.

Rosie and Roseanna.
Rosie and Roseanna.

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