Justified Magazine, founded by Joshua Ogden and a brilliant team, is a magazine formed to provide an insight into contemporary design and photography, showcasing creatives, their work and ideas.

Stepping away from the internet blogging culture, Justified Magazine have formed a physical publication that strives to achieve a creative visual. With their second publication recently released, the content formed is as eye-capturing as ever.

A welcoming cover and a downsized format from the first, Justified Magazine sits perfectly in the palm of your hands, offering a visually compelling publication. Flipping through the content, the pages provide a contemporary design layout, bursting with skilled photography and creativeness.

Sophie Tajan Photography

The content is full of variety, showcasing a Parisian photography student, a “humous-fueled” photographer, an invitation to the studios of Two Times Elliott and a few words spoken by Mat Dolphin, a London-based design agency.

The invitation with Two Times Elliot is twinned with an interview by Justified and really does reiterate the importance of social media in today’s society, as the two actually met through Twitter.

Chloe Newman

With a little taste of the creative sector, whether photography, design or written communication, there really is a section for all.

Copies are available from Justified’s online shop and can be found within a rather impressive selection of stockists ranging from Bookartbookshop, Design Museum, KK Outlet and Magma Bookshop (and that’s only naming a few).

Alex Johnson

Justified are by far going to suceed, keep a look out on their website and twitter for more information.

By Nicola Manuel.


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