When you were young what did you want to aim to achieve to be, a doctor, a postman, a famous singer or possibly a dinosaur? A dinosaur is what Kieron Lewis wanted to become but alas those slight struggles came up and a new pathway was soon taken. Now with a 2:1 achieved for his second year at Winchester School of Art and the title of ‘Online Editor’ for Plog magazine, Kieron Lewis is one busy student. That memory of becoming a dinosaur is becoming quite a distinction of the past.

I got a moment to talk to Kieron in between his emailing and graphic designing to find out a little more about Plog and his opinion on his own work.

Nicola Manuel: So for students who may not of heard of Plog, describe what it is and how it came about.

Kieron Lewis: Plog magazine is basically a platform for students or graduates who want to get into the creative industry. It is a tool that helps you get out there more, to see other people and how their work is getting along. It really is trying to get a blog down on paper hence the name Plog.


NM: Plog is a brilliant publication bought to students by students. How important do you feel this aspect is and why?

KL: I feel it is an important aspect because we are students ourselves, we are the ones doing the work and so we really value the work we get sent. A student’s point of view is important to know where the work is coming from in oppose of having corporations who do not understand the full meaning of what it is like with the experience you go through and the challenge you face.

NM: University to date has been an incredible success for you holding down the role of ‘Online Editor’ and completing half a degree. How have you kept motivated to succeed and go beyond with your graphic work?

KL: I think it comes down to doing Plog for myself which is a big learning curve finding new designers and people to review. This is a big inspiration for me, which keeps me going. Seeing other peoples work is important which is a key point in my life as you can develop your own.


Plog Issue Five, Out Now!


NM: What are the best words you could give to other students who may want to begin their own publication?

KL: Motivation and dedication. You need to make sure you have the time to create something whilst balancing university. It is the willingness to make the effort by creating a team, which helps things come to play.

NM: What are your three key principles within your work?

KL: One. Writing down notes! I transfer keynotes into writing. Any project I will go through a planning process, it is for me important. It’s the route that you take and the way you got to it is as important as the final piece.

Two. Having and using Pinterest as it really is an inspiring format. Instead of having a stack of magazines that you may not be able to find you can have a visual format right there, which makes life a bit easier.

Three. Processing and materials. I always look back at previous projects through the processes I used and consider whether I want to continue doing that certain method or whether I change it around and go down a different path. Obviously you want to keep every project different from the last.


In his own work Kieron uses objects that he has hoarded including bolts and pennies.


NM: Where do you see yourself in five years time?

KL: Doing something I enjoy really, everyone wants to do something they enjoy as a career. If I can progress with what I’m doing now and take it further, fingers crossed Plog gets further, then I’d love to be continuing this as a career. What I’m doing and what the whole team are doing in exciting, with hopefully it being a venture we can get on board on.


NM: If your work and style were to be transformed to food, what type of food would it become?

KL: Well I want to say Krispy Kremes but does that sound cheesy so I’ll say pizza as it simply has so many flavours that cater for everyone, and also because it is my favourite food.

If you want to have a look Kierons own Graphic work then just click here: Those objects of hoarding really do come to good use! As well as Kieron’s own work have a look at Plog and what they are about by visiting Plog’s website

Watch this name!


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