A Guide to the Creative Mind by Dave Birss

Review by Kieron Lewis

If I said to you the word creativity, what comes to mind?

Many within the creative industry use the word very frequently, however not many know the actual meaning of it. Personally, I felt I did until I stumbled across a fantastic book written by the Godfather of Creativity, Dave Birss.

A User Guide To The Creative Mind is a book that I simply have not been able to put down this summer. I can honestly say that since reading from front cover to back cover, I found myself continually taking down notes, underlining sentences and of course dog earring pages within the book.

Dave gives an honest and very informative way into how one can find the path to the creative world. He does however stress that the book is not a shortcut to hard work, and if you’re looking for something that will turn your mind into a rainbow fountain of totally fresh and unexpected ideas, then try extreme sleep deprivation or LSD – his words, not mine. I did say he was honest!

I was very fortunate to have met Dave at Cannt Cubs in Hoxton Square, where he gave a beautifully composed inspirational talk as well as grabbing a copy of his book at the event. Very cheaply priced, I might add.

If you’re looking for a great read on the train, during your lunch break or even just before bed, I would 100% recommend this little gem. I genuinely used to find it difficult approaching a new brief. A stupid amount of questions floating around in my head would arise, which is not the best way to start any brief, as you can imagine. However, I’ll leave you on a very interesting quote from the man himself, which I found very beneficial and without a doubt it has made my thinking process much clearer and more interesting.

“ Think of a really obvious and bad idea, and then work backwards ” -Sounds a very odd method, yes! But hes not one of the best creative’s in Europe for no reason.



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