Why shout abuse at a body in a box?

An old woman dies

An iron woman is smelted

A mother

A grandmother

A so-called milk snatcher

A heroine

A villain

A political first

A maverick

A ball buster

Not just a talker

Why cry, some would say?

A character that stood out through successes and failures

Show me the perfect leader and I will show you someone who looks upon them as a tyrant and vice versa.

87 years of life placed in a box

People line the streets few cry, but they do clap or hold respectful silence.

People line the streets and turn their backs; some boo, whilst doing so.

The media place a price tag on the funeral adding a few drops of hatred, hot sauce to the recipe.

Elsewhere people parade a woman’s effigy through their streets before setting it on fire. Young children sit atop the shoulders of their cheering parents as black smoke forces their eyes to water. Teenagers film proceedings with their phones for digital posterity. The toothless and those with wobbling dentures yelp the best they can.

An old woman dies

How deep will the past prove to run?



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