Independent companies are really valuable in today’s society.

Through the start of Soapbox Press, we really valued the creative voice and wanted to create a platform for people to stand on to be heard. Through a core team and strong integration a year down the line we are what you see today: a comfortable, hard working company with big ambitions. With that cheeky splash of orange too.

I came into contact with Minx Creative during my second year of study in university. Minx Creative? An independent company who formed in 1997 by two lovely ladies named Nic and Roz, with a now strong team working behind them. Since the beginning of their career, their company has grown into a rather impressive design studio, located in London today. With a recent update of their website, with some eye catching colours and fantastic layout design, I wanted to have a chat to see what it’s like for another independent company and how they came about to who they are today.

Nicola Manuel: What is the idea behind Minx Creative and who came up with the idea?

Minx Creative: The idea was mutual and very simple: we wanted to do what we loved. Our journey to setting up the company, financing, finding a studio, legalities and etc. made the simplicity somewhat challenging but didn’t deter us.

Myriad PR/Durex Party Invite


NM: Did you ever doubt your ambitions during the creation of your company?

MC: Never. We were positively determined.

NM: What are the three key structures for making an independent company work with what words of advice for creative’s out there who are currently in the position of creating an independent company?

MC: Key structures/requisites » planning, personality, commitment, honesty, self-belief, financial management, learning, listening…these are just a few.

It’s a life changing decision to run your own business of any kind. Whether one really feels this at the time it’s hard to say. We barely had two years under our belt since graduating and knew we had a long way to go before we would establish ourselves as well as: build a solid reputation and business, develop as designers, grow as individuals, secure financial stability. We figured 2-3 years. In retrospect, it turned out to be a few years but within that time we were not just doing what we loved but learning, earning, exploring, collaborating and growing.

Fifteen: Illustrated Type Screenprint

NM: What makes you different from the other print and design studios that are located around London today?

MC: We believe it’s the happy mix of our personalities, the work we produce and service we provide for our clients.

NM: How did you overcome obstacles, such as time management and funding, when you were creating your company?

MC: Time management wasn’t a huge challenge as we had decided to give up our jobs allowing us to concentrate wholly on setting up. Funding was tough. We were fortunate to work with an accountant from the outset, therefore our business plan was comprehensive and credible. We managed
to pool our own funds together and secure a business start-up loan (bank), which allowed us to move quickly with the plan. In truth, the early years were financially distressing but we didn’t allow it to affect us or stop us — we managed and thankfully, received invaluable advice from a group of wonderful people in how to overcome them. These initial experiences helped us learn and build upon our knowledge in business fundamentals.

Pathé International: Film Posters


NM: What has been your greatest and worst achievement since working for Minx?

MC: 28th April, just gone, was Minx Creative’s 16th year anniversary – that’s our greatest achievement.

NM: If you weren’t working for Minx Creative today, what would you be doing?

MC: Ha! Well, if we had not set up Minx Creative and weren’t designers, our alternative careers would seriously be a marine biologist for Nic and singer for Roz!

Quick round questions. If I were to say the following words to you, you’d say which word in response…

Digital? Evolving

Print? Alive

Independent? Achievement

Creativity? Freedom

London? Love

Hard work, a driven mind and friendship really does go to show that those are the source of key ingredients to create a company (well, plus a little more than that). Minx Creative was created by Nic and Roz and still stands today as an extremely successful company. With a recent update to their website and new work being designed they stand out above the rest. It’s been an honour to meet them and stay in contact! Have a look at Minx Creative to see who they are and their work, you will guaranteed to be impressed!


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