Freelance illustration. It’s definitely not just drawing pretty pictures all day long and having that as a comfortable income. Work has to be done to maintain that authority of earning a living off it and one freelance illustrator who is just starting up is the lovely Kiley Victoria.

With her work being sold online through her various blogs, it certainly looks like she’s heading in the right direction on the path to illustration. Let’s get chatting about freelance, influences and the future…

Inconspicuous Getaway
Inconspicuous Getaway

Nicola Manuel: How does freelance illustration live? What makes freelance illustration stay in existence today and is there a certain aspect that you’re passionate about?

Kiley Victoria: Every Illustrator brings their own identity and vision to their images and this in turn is why Illustration stays in existence. It’s almost as if we all have our own stamp that can be applied to a massive array of briefs and clients want to use it.

I love turning words and phrases into witty images.

The constant need for initiative and creative ways

Wild at Heart

NM: Working with the digital is a great aspect and works wonders with your style. I guess it’s a strong part of it. What were your main reasons for jumping on the digital style of work?

KV: Well like most I started with traditional methods but it was just a natural progression for my work and a little to do with my impatient nature.

NM: Who are your greatest influences?

KV: Maurice Sendak & all of the Nobrow Illustrators. I also spend a lot of time looking at vintage and native patterns & art.

Dream Catchers
Dream Catchers

NM: If you weren’t illustrating now, what would you be doing?

KV: I’d like to think I’d be working in a Zoo but as I’m allergic to most animals, I think Psychology would be a more sensible route.

NM: If you were famous for one thing what would it be?

KV: The idea of fame scares me a little, but my cat, Binx was clearly born to play football so I guess I could get famous on the back off her talent.


NM: Your illustration varies from a body of work based on Star Signs, which elegantly show different characters for the different signs in their norm to an extremely interesting CV in the form of a booklet! How did you come about designing and illustrating your CV by such means? Has it been successful to date?

KV: The Fortune Teller CV idea came after University and I’ve created a few remakes of it since & I created the fashion cut out booklet last year. I’m not really sure where they came from it was just one of those laying in bed moments where you think of an idea and wake up your boyfriend and tell him all about it so you don’t forget. They have been successful & I’ve had a lot of amazing feedback from them.

NM: What aims do you have for the future / ideal commissions?

KV: I would love to do some illustrations for Jamie Oliver! I’m addicted to basing my weekly shop on his recipes.

NM: If you were to describe your work in three words they would be…

KV: Bohemian, Witty & Weathered.

Bees knees
Bee Knees

Quick round questions!

Type or image? Image

Reading a book or designing the cover? Designing the Cover. 

Colour or black and white? Black & White…but I think this is a phase, I’m very fickle. 

Sweet or sour? Sour


Watch out for Kiley’s work in the future, especially when it comes to the name Jamie Oliver. An imprint of a unique style that really does capture the eye, don’t you think?



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