Can We Be Trusted With A Gift?

Can We Be Trusted With A Gift?

Written by Mark Michael

What if a legend stepped from a myth, from folklore, proclaiming itself naively to our modern world? What if a fabled mythological creature crossed over into our everyday lives? Our nature as human beings surely would be tested and therefore tempted. The initial wide-eyed gazing could turn into opportunistic squinting. Perhaps questionable entrepreneurially spirited individuals would find opportunities to exploit the once folkloric, in countless imaginative ways. How fast can the beast run? What worth can be attached to its hide?  How attractive would its head look mounted to a wall?  Could its meat be tender enough to be seen as a gastronomical prize, if drizzled with enough truffle oil?  How long would it take to turn a fortuitous discovery into a tarnished industry?

Unicorn Text

Unicorn JPEG



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