The Great Gatsby photos The Great Gatsby photos1 The Great Gatsby photos2 The Great Gatsby photos3 The Great Gatsby photos4 The Great Gatsby photos5
All books above are encased in a wooden confession box.
The task in hand was to re-design the classic novel The Great Gatsby, based on an interesting theme. The project itself was titled ‘God is in the details’ and a significant element within the story was that a specific billboard with a pair of eyes on it was said by one of the characters to be the eyes of God looking over and judging them, which lead me to link this to the seven deadly sins which lent itself to the characters and scenes. As sins are a religious reference, the books themselves are influenced by the style of a bible with numbered paragraphs, italicised headers and Goudy typeface, which was also designed in the 1920’s when Gatsby was set. There is also details such as the leather covers and gold titles on the pocket sized bible book. With there being seven sins, I have created seven editions of the book, each one focussing on the individually highlighted sin. When a sin is committed, the colour of the page is displayed in its associating colour and can be found amongst the other saintly white pages.
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