You Must Pledge Allegiance To The Fruit

‘Migration From A Chinese Orchard’ was painted to capture the very hard choices, and disturbing decisions made by countless Chinese workers choosing to end their lives rather than continuing to work on harsh production lines. The potency of how others suffer for our latest upgrades is alarming, as the very thought of producing another slick gadget is too much for them to bare. It is harrowing when clocking off from work can translate into the permanent choice of punching your card and ending your life. This is not isolated to a single brand or lifestyle product, but seems prevalent throughout most of the items that we purchase today.

For this image the landscape is split with the commanding ideal of a lush fruitful tree at its centre. The painting is divided, the murky green field of confusion and restlessness packed tight with frantic marks wading through a thick textured surface. This is at variance to the clear blue sky that offers escape, but ultimately the end, a person willing to take their life in the hope of finding a clearer sky.

By Mark Michael



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