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Helen Atkinson

“Psychogeography is a form of urban exploration that encourages you to step away from the predictable paths in a city and discover what lies behind the main roads. Using set rules (e.g. I’ll take the first left turn, then the third right turn) is often the easiest way to explore, although this isn’t essential.


This series of booklets contains ten separate psychogeographical walks I completed in central London. Each booklet represents a single walk, and documents the thoughts, emotions, and physical aspects of the journey. Images are a combination of photography and my own illustrations, some depicting views and others more abstract in nature. At the back of each booklet is a map, which contains a GPS track of my walk, with illustrations of buildings and landmarks I saw along the way. The text in the booklets is tied to this – grid references next to each paragraph demonstrate whereabouts on the map I am talking about. The positioning of the text on each also loosely follows the track on the map.”


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