FINAL Penguin Book Cover Scan 22 Scan 21 Scan 39 Scan 18

Nicola Manuel

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest front cover – Ken Kesey

A beautiful story of restraint, constrictions and order. What does society tell us to do and at what point do we chose not to listen?

I was lucky to come across an abandoned hospital in which I was able to pick up a lot of documents that had been left through the wards and nurses houses – pure heaven. The document that was chosen for the cover was of an old form from nurses to patients. I adapted the found and used my collaging and type techniques to go over and change what was in existence.

I chose no colours to be shown on the front as it reflects an asylum environment. When you imagine an asylum you think of a clinical setting which tends to remain white, no colours available or even thought of. I also adapted the repetition factor that happens on a daily basis within the novel, showing the patients way of life through a typewriter. Words and phrases are very much repeated again and again, making life very impersonal for those in that environment.

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