Print Club London – Atelier

Print Club London is proud to be exhibiting the French collective, Atelier’s first exhibition in the UK on Thursday October 3rd! Atelier are long time Print Clubbers, we have been selling their work for the past two years and its popularity encouraged us to work with them on a solo show.

The exhibition will be held at our gallery in Dalston, next door to Print Club studios, on Millers Ave. After the private view on Thursday at 6pm the exhibition will be open to the public until the 31st of October. We would love for you to join us on Thursday October 3rd for the Private View, and would appreciate if you could inform your readers as well. Please find a Press poster and a catalogue attached which features some work that will be exhibited.

Atelier Deux-Mille is a collaboration made up of four artists and designers: Benjamin Stoop, Nicolas Delpech, Eugenie Babion, and Lucas Faudeux. The began collaborating in 2007 after opening their studio in Toulouse, mixing etching, silkscreen printing, and highly pixelated graphic design. They explore the image’s degree of iconicity through the etching and screen-printing process. In their quest to create a synthetic visual language they go to no ends to sample and distort vernacular images.”

There will also be free beer by Brewdogs. See you there!

Process_Exhibtion_Atelier deux-mille

printclub 10x15


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