Squeegee & Ink Screen Printing Studio

New Screen Printing Studio opens in heart of Newbury.

State of the art screen printing studio, Squeegee & Ink opens in the heart of Newbury on the 25th September as demand for hands-on experience and love of screen printing soars throughout the UK.

What’s screen printing, well it’s a technique that uses emulsion covered screens as stencils to create unique print artwork. Whether it’s complex layered design to stunning simple prints, the process of pulling ink across screens onto paper is fun to do, rewarding and really gets those creative juices flowing.

Squeegee & Ink founder and ex Newbury College student Chessie Rosier fell for screen printing during her studies at Winchester School of Art, where she excelled in graphic arts and enterprise. Through her own love of screen printing Chessie has found a common barrier with other studios surrounding exclusivity, the need to be screen print savvy and ‘arty’. The solution: to offer open-access to her state of the art studio to savvy artists and newbie screen printers alike through day-rate studio hire to affordable group workshops run by Chessie herself.


Chessie explains: “There’s nothing better than teaching something you’re passion about. The excitement and experimentation of pulling the prints by hand is such a thrill, and the sense of achievement you get on hanging your own unique piece of artwork on the wall at home is something else”

Situated next door to the Old London Apprentice pub on Hambridge Road in central Newbury, the studio is easily accessible by road and rail and has ample customer parking.

Full-day workshops run throughout the week and prices at £50 per person, with groups up to the maximum of 5 per workshop. Open to beginners, artists and even as corporate days, Chessie will ensure a fun, interactive and memorable experience.

If you’ve a real eye for screen printing you can even sell your pieces at the studio and online at www.squeegeeandink.com

Keep up to date with all things Squeegee & Ink or follow Chessie on Twitter and Facebook 

For more information contact:

Chessie Rosier, Squeegee & Ink Studio, Tel: 07581 438572



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