Mark Michael – Up On Celibacy Hill

Up On Celibacy Hill 1

Up On Celibacy Hill

As an artist and atheist I am interested in using the crucifix as an object for its heft, potency and weight. As a symbol it is unparalleled within our culture. This painting for me is of a grateful chore. As a non-believer I see the figure’s persistence holding nothing back, ascending the incline shrouded by orange humidity. The figure is giving up absolute control within life for God.  Salvation will present itself after death, if strict dedication is adhered to in life.  The choice of the word celibacy can be interpreted as the figure’s chastity, but I am also very interested in using this word to demonstrate the single-mindedness of someone seeking something, climbing to a supposed higher ground in the blind hope that could be read as delusional or oddly commendable.  I wanted to include the universal battery symbol to signify wavering faith, placing it next to the figure as a contemporary anchor to monitor the depletion of energy, the depletion of focus and the depletion of hope.

By Mark Michael


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