Spirit - New sensations collection
 one to watch artist with Saatchi Online.

Sep 2013 – Exhibition Truman Brewery Gallery – Brick Lane London
Aug 2013 – Exhibition at Kaleidoscope , Sevenoaks
May 2013 – Exhibition at Sidney Cooper Gallery , Canterbury Kent

“The figure dominates my work, as I am, and think always will be, fascinated with its continuous changes. I find the human form both irresistible and impossible to paint, a life that’s forever moving and growing older. My work is more of a reaction to the figure and the space in which it occupies. The joy in painting a subject that will never be complete excites me, describing this in dribbles of paint that burst free of the canvas and incomplete spaces of blankness.

When I paint the figure a whole new world opens up to me, and its boundaries excite me. Viewing the space in which it surrounds in a way that might not have been noticed or experienced otherwise. In essence, painting for me is just this, space and light occupied by human presence, and I am just commenting through paint on this effect.
I want to now produce works that are impossible to walk past and that grab and hold your attention. I want the viewer’s gaze to wonder constantly around the canvas, like the figure itself, never still, and continually moving.
I would describe my work now to be more, figurative abstraction, playing around with the experience of the process of painting, from intense mark making to blocks of overlapping colour that force you focus back to engage with the whole picture.”


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