Stephen Whatcott A Roar And Then Silence

Stephen Whatcott Just You And Me, Honey

Stephen Whatcott Right By Your Side Is Home

Stephen Whatcott The Pontiac

Stephen Whatcott The Woods

Stephen Whatcott

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“Born in the early eighties I’ve been drawing my entire life. Sketching my way through high school, in the back of text books or for other students, then at menial jobs on the backs of note pads and envelopes.

I didn’t go to university. I wrote and recorded music with friends. Guitar fuzz. Danced like a lunatic. They were beautiful days. I married my childhood sweetheart and continued to draw. I did a couple of commissions and got a good job off the back of it. Then after the job faded away I got my head down with a handful of pencils again, as always.

I’m currently riding out the storm in the same area where I grew up. Although, I don’t get to play army games in the woods anymore.”


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