Untitled Oil on Canvas

Zhoniu Pfozhe

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Art Improvised

The inspiration behind this untitled painting was with the intention to save those unused stocks of that we have. Every struggling artist can not afford to buy specific colors in bulks (which is the best way of buying colors), so we end up buying in sets with lesser quantities for the immediate needs. However, this leaves behind so many shades of colours that will hardly be used, and slowly overtime it becomes waste.

The best way to buy colours is select the colors you would usually work with, list it down and buy in bulks. That saves you a lot deal of money in the near future. But there is a draw back with this method, single colours don’t come in small quantities and that means you have to buy a lot more than you would require for the moment (Of course you can and will always use it for later), which means you have to burn a big hole in your pocket at the time of purchase.

Yup, that’s my problem. I am a struggling artist at the moment and don’t have that much money in my pocket to burn at once. So my way of buying colours for now is, buy it in sets. When I buy it in sets, colour comes in smaller quantities which is sufficient for me to use at the time and which means lighter to my pocket. Well and good or maybe not… When I purchase colours this way, at the end of the day there are so many unused colours that I normally don’t use in my paintings, which I probably might never use it again for the fact that I can’t imagine where to fit in those colours in my works.

Not anymore!!! This painting was done with those many unused colours, which I nearly decided to throw away. Yay!!! I am genius (Just kidding)…Anyway, in the above painting only blue and yellow are the real colours, the rest of the colours are the final result of mixed and use the unused colours effect. Cool huh!!! Well, that’s about “Art…Improvised!!!” Apart from that, it’s an abstract figure of a woman and her daughter and untitled because an untitled works leaves more room for viewers to come up with their own interpretation and how they wish to see. A journey into their own creativity.


Size: 36×30 Inches

Medium: Oil on Canvas


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