Cultures of Tomorrow – Exhibition

Written by Nicola Manuel

The streets of London hold many art exhibitions, creating a really great mix and choice. One that really caught our eye recently was ‘Culture of Tomorrow’, an exhibition created by students as part of their degree to showcase culture identities…

Cultures of Tomorrow
Mixed art from China, Saudi Arabia and Turkey

This is a cross cultural exhibibon including Chinese, Saudi and Turkish work. The theme is based on new cultural identities and the work showing evolves as a reflection of this concept. The purpose of this exhibibon is to have an engaging environment of cultural exchange and to be surrounded by a creative atmosphere.The three are coming together to form a whole new beginning for contemporary art. The work is collected and inspired by the cultures of these countries because these three countries have very strong tradibons. They are famous for their tradional arts. We propose a whole new beginning for contemporary art and to its viewers. What these countries have in common is that they are developing countries; also have new potential young rising

The Artists:

Betul Kilinc (LONDON)
Duan Wang (CHINA)
Heba Al-­‐alkami (SAUDI ARABIA)
Nedret Deniz (TURKEY)
Nevruz Seferoglu(LONDON)
Rawaa Bakhsh (SAUDI ARABIA)
Shu Yong (CHINA)
Stephanie Ho (CHINA)
Wejdan Reda (SAUDI ARABIA)

photo (9)


Title: ‘Untitled’

Betul’s series of portraitures are of a young Muslim women gradually putting on a veil, showing the difference between wearing a veil and the natural self.


Portraits are the only connection between Heba and the audience, where it enablesher to share her thoughts and feelings and deliver personal messages to the world.

cultures-5RAWAA BAKSH



Title: ‘Untitled’

The artist was born in Eskisehir/TURKEY in the year 1958. She studied her primary school in Eskisehir Inkilap Ilkokulu and her secondary school in Eskisehir Devrim Ortaokulu. In her college years she moved to Izmir/Turkey and studied in Izmir Bornova Kiz Meslek Lisesi. She went to university in Bursa/Turkey, studied management and tourism in Bursa Uludag University but left half way through. After university she had started teaching in Elazig Halk Egitim Merkezi but got married in 1982 so she left teaching. 2007 she had started to do art. She started her Ebru and Kaatı art work in 2010. She contributed in six exhibitions including with two paintings. To extend her amazing skills and produce professional art work in Ebru and Kaatı, she studied Tezhib and miniature lessons. The artist is currently living in Ankara/TURKEY.


Title: Mecca; Glass panels and steel beams
Wejdan’s work is a short documentary showing the recent changes in the historical cites in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

DUAN WANG (CHINA) Duan’s work it about the freedom of speech in China. It is a fight back to the dominant ideology from the Chinese young artist and the box was inspired by a traditional Chinese toy box.

Scenes from the exhibition.





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