Believe_You_Deserve_Everything_You_Dream_About 8x10%22 With_Grace_In_Your_Heart Learn_To_Let_Things_You_Cannot_Control_Go 8x10%22 It's_Always_Better_When_We're_Together 8 x 10 Chin_Up_Buttercup

Beth McLoughlin

Behance / Etsy

“For as long as I can remember I have been creative, so it was never difficult for me to choose which path to follow. I am currently at Uni, studying for a degree in Graphic Arts. I adore typography, so in my free time last year I started to paint quotes that inspire me.

I absolutely adore creating these designs, from selecting the words to painting delicate patterns on some of the individual letters. I try to depict the sentiment of the words through the colours and imagery, through the use of watercolours as they create gorgeous colours. When I paint letterforms feel like I’m in my own little oasis; it’s one of my favourite things to do.I truly hope that when people look at my work it makes them feel happy, content or inspired.


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