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Zhoniu Pfozhe

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A small time gangster decides to leave behind everything that was once his and start a brand new life with the country girl his parents had arranged marriage for him. Don’t exactly remember the years, but three kids later, I was born. It was not a very classic love story but that was how the story was. Four more kids followed but two died as an infant. But this part of the story is not for today.

I was born so tiny that to imagine growing up as a man sounded like a joke, of course it was a good joke.  Then I found my second love within the lines and pages of some random book my big sister bought and it stayed. Soon, I started keeping journal but most of the pages ended up blank. I started writing down some random stories but never got completed. That was the love story.

Year 1997, a civil war divided our family into three. My father, my mom and me. My father, because he couldn’t quit his job, so he stayed back with my older brother and sister who were in college at that time. My mom, because it was not very safe to stay in the town with civil riot gaining momentum, so she shifted to our now permanent home with my two little brothers. And me, because I had to swap places between mom and dads, as I was in the middle through the secondary board because of which a transfer to another school was not possible. Go figure.

Physics was what I should have and math is what I graduated with. It happened in New Delhi. My first love decided to come back again in my life. As expected, we fell madly in love again, romancing between colors and canvas. I quit my job. The journey continues.

Title: Random Me

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 

Size: 30×24 Inches


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