Mark Michael – Don’t Lose Your Nerve

Mark Michael

Don’t Lose Your Nerve.Don't Lose Your Nerve

Don't Lose Your Nerve Detail

At first glance the composition of this painting appears straight forward, displaying an oblivious deer as prey unwittingly posing for death upon a gun carriage. This picture is more allegorical as it is not predominantly concerned with a hunter outwitting a target. I wanted to explore with this piece the anticipation, thought process, inclination, capability and conflicting urges experienced by the huntsman. When viewed up close the picture holds within it extra elements, there are several identical silhouettes of the hunter, moving up through the painting that are barely visible beneath the golden surface. These are included to illustrate that the pursuer is overthinking, visualising the process, but ultimately procrastinating in his journey towards the kill. The aggravated hornets’ nest is present as a significant threat from nature, which if permitted will, without warning act on pure instinct, leaving the huntsman to curse his indecisive nature.


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