Simon Vieira – Visualisation

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These illustrations were created for a book app to open up the conversation between kids and parents about emotional intelligence. The book is the first one from a series called Hello Elo. The series is about Jacob, an overeager four-year-old boy, that is full of imagination and curiosity. Every time Jacob has a strong feeling, he is transported to his imaginary world. In this bizarre place lives his best friend Elo, an impatient but loving building block piece that has the power to build himself into anything that Jacob can imagine. The duo embark on epic journeys through this imaginary world, leading them to meet each of Jacob’s feelings. Each feeling has a particular character, such as Chorizo the Angry Ghost, the Bubble Bomps, or Captain Dario and his imaginative super powers. Each character teaches Jacob a new lesson about how to deal with his feelings in real life.

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