The Pose Book

The Pose Book:
Pose came from a two-day workshop on posing and 10×8″ view camera with Anna Linderstam & Andrew Bruce with the University of the Creative Arts MFA Photography 2012-14 students, back in March 2013.

The students involved in the workshop were Hao Xu, Debra-Lorraine GrantPedro MaçãsÁngela ZuluagaTess Castillo-BeesleyPaul MillerCharan SinghEmma IiritiChristina Neill-Griffin and Khris Riva who will all graduate in May 2014. The group of students have come from different backgrounds around the globe, working on their own practices and photographic interests, but collaborated together to create this body of work.

The Pose book exposes a snapshot in time, capturing these ten Masters students during that workshop through the use of exploring body language and expression, which has been captured by a 10×8 view camera.

Each participant recreated the physical form of a body from art history, which was significantly expressive and which they connected with. These photographs bare witness to the altered state of mind, which can be created by performing in front of a camera. The stage and setting are identical for each image; each person stands in a darkened studio, masquerading as the chosen character, waiting for the flash to capture a new alternate character creating a mix of the person and the pose. This book brings together the individuality expressed in each of the images, and reflective text on the experience.“My body is shaking, my muscles feel as if they going to fall apart. I need to hold the same pose, which is meant to express desperation and sorrow of a man in agony, as if it was the worst pain in my life. Although it’s actually not that far from reality, I am feeling real pain…” Khris.
Web-6689Anna Linderstam is an artist working with photography based in Sweden, her work articulates certain physical sensations, or mental states of conflict, which are often beyond satisfactory verbal explanation. Linderstam constructs her images with painstaking care and research, through using a performative process to engage her subject in a pose or experience that will take the body from one physical or psychological state to another; Linderstam captures that elusive moment of transition.Andrew Bruce is an artist who stages dramas for the camera, creating melancholy images where animals are captured in seemingly quiet or silent moments. Bruce seeks some kind of touch or contact with the animals that he photographs. The use of a 10×8” large-format camera, lighting and life-size handprints provides a level of detail that allows the viewer to experience the subject in a strikingly intimate way.
by MFA Photography Students from UCA Farnham
24 pages of black & white analogue photographs, and text.
29.4 cm x 20.7 cm, laserprint on Munken Lynx 120gsm, soft cover Munken Lynx 200gsm, hand-stitched.
Funded by UCA, and Tree Full of Monkeys Ltd.
Produced by Christina Neill-GriffinProduced at bookRoom Press, 2014 – Edition of 40 – £15 Please contact

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