Rianne Rowlands – Visualisation

Funeral For A Friend – ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’ Album Cover
Graffiti Pig – Concept Artwork
Limp Bizkit – A personal request from Fred Durst
Funeral For A Friend ‘Sixteen’ EP Artwork

My name is Rianne Rowlands and I’ve been a freelance illustrator for the past 7 years.

I graduated from ‘The Cambridge School of Art’, Anglia Ruskin in 2006 with a First Class BaHons Illustration degree. I was then accepted onto an internship at an Animation and Television Studio in Cardiff. That internship turned into my first real job, and I was creating and animating characters for children’s television for the next 2 years. When that studio ceased productions, I moved onto another where I was a storyboard artist working on Children’s Animation for a year. Finally, in 2009 when that studio closed down I embarked out on my own as a freelance artist.

Since then I’ve worked with some amazing clients such as – Kerrang Magazine, S4C, Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine, RockSound Magazine and Cardiff City FC. I’m still designing characters for children’s animation, and also illustrate album artwork for bands – one of the biggest of which was Funeral For A Friend back in 2012 when I created their EP and ALBUM artwork featuring a ‘50s Nuclear Family’ meeting their demise in varying humorous ways. I’m currently working on my own Comic Book which I plan to release in 2015.

I love to hear from just about anyone when it comes to commissions. A lot of my projects are personalised ‘Cartoon Portraits’ of family members and friends and I’ve just created a personalised Wedding Invitation for a couple, turning all their guests into zombies. It’s all about having fun and exploring new ideas.

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