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Margherita von Aulock

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‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’, book cover  entered and short listed for the Penguin book design competition  in 2011.

“Through my imagery I am always trying to transform the known into the unknown”

Margherita von Aulock was born in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia. Coming from a very mixed background, mother Italian and father German/Canadian, she has therefore always had a very keen interest in exploring her surroundings and culture by keeping a visual diary through her camera lens. She specialises mainly in abstract and portraiture photography but keeps an eye open towards interesting subjects and matters with the aim and focus of perfecting her technique and composition.

Most of her portrait imagery featured are moments she has beautifully captured which display an element of emotion. As the viewer, it gives us the opportunity to interpret what that exact emotion may be.Over the years she has received great feedback from her peers and lecturers which has given her the motivation to strive and persevere not just within her passion for photography but life as well. 


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