The Life of a Painting

Inspiration for a painting can come from anywhere – whether it’s a beautiful cliff-edge view, a busy restaurant and the people in it, a trip to a gallery, or even looking at the way rain falls onto a cobweb.

Inspiration can strike at any time and is different for each one of us.


Currently, I am taking a lot of inspiration from animals.
This creates the challenge of not only having to capture the look of the subject, but also its character and personality.

The cat being painted in the video below is a family pet called Foggy.
His striped grey fur, long whiskers and bright green eyes create a striking aesthetic, while his independent and proud nature force the need to portray these interesting characteristics.


But when a painting is finished and the brush is put down, it is sometimes hard to remember exactly how it began and the many steps it took to get there.

Despite this, creating a video of this sort is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Made up of multiple photographs of the painting in progression, the video shows the dichotomy present in any piece of any artwork.

Indeed, as well as showing the completed work, it also highlights the whole life of a painting – and the effort and passion in every brush stroke.

Video & Words by Sarah Boxall


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