bigleaf circleflower twinflowers

Ken Iizuka

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“I am Ken Iizuka, a freelance illustrator and an involuntary globe trotter. Having grown up in countries such as the Philippines, Yemen, Nepal, Cambodia, Uzbekistan and the UK, I carry with me the burden of unsatisfiable wanderlust. I am currently working from Japan. Being a freelance illustrator allows me to produce work from anywhere around the world as long as I have my laptop, a sketchbook and an internet connection.

After graduating my BA in illustration at Solent University I completed my MA at the University of Brighton, I started up Black Cat Press. Through it I run workshops in simple printmaking to the public and also produce personal work through it. Stencilled monoprinting (the technique used here) is a particular favourite of mine as I can indulge in my interest in form and balance still leave room for happy accidents. My commercial work does differ slightly aesthetically but the focus on form and balance always plays a key role in the final composition.

I am always up for collaborations, especially people from different practises!”


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