Strawberry Jam @ Hartslane Studios

Annabel Duggleby, 2014, Collage
Annabel Duggleby, 2014, Collage

Strawberry Jam @ Hartslane Studios.

Open 6th June 6-9pm

17 Harts Lane, New Cross Gate, London, SE14 5UP

Strawberry Jam Collectives first exhibition shows a variety of works by the collectives current members. Working with themes of identity and social constraint, each artist explores the way they perceive themselves and the ways in which they perceive others.

Corie Denby McGowan considers stereotype and representation in her video installation. McGowan considers the ways women are presented in the media and how this translates into the tasks of women in the real world.

Jon Clair uses photography to analyse the way we look at and present ourselves. In a world were we are so conscious of the way we are viewed, with our images constantly being shared on social media, how does this affect our own identity?

Considering the constraints of society, Ellie Power mocks societal rules and their implications to social standing with her film installation Table Training with LUCY (2014). Guests are invited to participate with the fictional database LUCY, who’s files have been corrupted.

Liv Thurley puts the spot light on experienced attitudes towards femininity and turns them on their head, confronting the viewer and making them question societies singular and constraining view of the female.

Also working from experienced attitudes Jessica Heywood uses illustration, textile and written word combine to reflect on sexuality, the body and attacks upon it. The silencing of women is common place in a patriarchal society, which is highlighted by Annabel Duggleby in her work FilibusterĀ (2014). Duggleby muffles the voices of the women who appear in her installation but, rather encouragingly, their voices can still break through.

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