Isobel Woodcock – Visualisation

Celebration pigs foxy detective The ducks day out Travelling mouse

Isobel Woodcock
I come from and live in gorgeous Cornwall! In my spare time, when I am not illustrating, I love to surf even if there are no waves its a good opportunity to get out the back and enjoy the scenery! 
At home I illustrate at my desk using a combination of pencil and watercolour, I find watercolour is the medium which works best for me because it is easy to manipulate and fairly forgiving if I make a mistake! I also love the way watercolour can produce both striking and subtle colour depending on how I apply it.
I recently graduated from Falmouth University and loved being there. It gave me the opportunity to learn such a lot and I will dearly miss it. In my last term at Falmouth Uni I was lucky enough to travel to New York and met with Penguin and Sterling publishers, which was amazing!
My favorite things to illustrate are adventurous and mischievous animals, I don’t know what it is about small animals but they always seem to be up to something! I like my illustrations to have a sense of humor. If I can squeeze in something that makes me giggle, like cheeky book titles in the background of a scene, or just silly expressions on my characters faces then I will! 
My most recent Illustration crushes are Luke Pearson and his Hilda series, Robert Kirkman because I do have a bit of a zombie obsession, and Eric Fan because he is just generally an illustrator extraordinaire and his work is stunningly beautiful! In the next few months I will be taking my work to the New Designers fair in London as well as starting to produce my own stationary and card lines, which I am very excited about!

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