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A passion for design and illustration, these four inspiring graduates have created ‘Codswallop Collective’ We’d like you to meet Leicester based Chloe Hall, Damon Smith, Sarah Glover and Will Wright.

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Codswallop Collective! Hello. It’s great to have the chance to ask you some questions about your collective, so let’s begin. How would you introduce yourselves to someone who has never seen your work and heard of this almighty name?

Chloe Hall: Hello! I’d say we are a group of four illustrators who became friends at university, each with different styles. We come together to have fun and showcase our styles under the name of Codswallop Collective, combining our styles in our fun filled zine.

Sarah Glover:We all love drawing and making things and it’s this passion for design (ours and others) that drives us to work on projects and get involved in fun activities.

William Wright:At the end of university we wanted to carry on the fun stuff we did while there and Started CODSWALLOP. The name Codswallop came about because we like having a laugh and using British slang to illustrate too.

Damon Smith: We are a group of artists whose work is both varied in styles and content, though mainly focuses around fun & colourful illustrations and design which are not normally based around anything in particular.


Having studied together you now continue to work together in collaboration. What are the four main things about working as a collective that you love the most?

Chloe Hall: I enjoy working in a collective where we have all been friends before the collective was formed, being able to discuss ideas and projects always helps when your a bit stuck, being able to do big events as a group such as Pick Me Up and importantly having a laugh whilst we are doing it!

Damon Smith: 1. Will’s cups of teas, he’s just got a knack for making a good cup of tea.

2. Feeding off each other’s work and seeing how we approach things in differing ways.

3. Getting the chance to exhibit at places such as ‘Pick me up 2014’ in London together.

4. Listening to everyone’s ideas and thoughts. Some tend to be the ramblings of a mad man, but in a good way.

William Wright: I love bouncing ideas off everybody, everyone has their own unique take on illustration, and working together to combine those styles and ideas are great. Working with friends is a laugh. Someone else to make the tea. Being able to do big events like pick me up. There’s always someone to get advice from as well which is always a help.

Sarah Glover: For me the main thing is about having continued support, someone can say try that in another colour, or it’s not quite right. It’s also fun to work with friends.

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Having featured as a main part at Pick Me Up London’14 that must have given you a boost in awareness. What event have you got planned next?

Damon Smith: Well we ran an activity at Pick me up where we got the public and other exhibiters to draw for us. We plan to compile these and create our second zine displaying them all, as well as a few pieces from our self’s. We are also currently applying to take part in some events similar to Pick me up and might be holding our ‘Codswallop chippy’ theme from pick me up in a small arts festival in our home city Leicester.


Chloe Hall: We loved being at PMU, we have got a few things planned which we will be announcing as soon as we can! We can say that we will be releasing our zine that everyone contributed to at Pick Me Up, so keep a look out!


William Wright: PMU was amazing we all loved it and had a great time. We have a few things coming up and we will be announcing soon. We are releasing are Pick Me UP special zine that’s a bit special which is something to keep your eyes out for.


Taking a look five years from now, where would you all like to be?

Chloe Hall: I would like to have had experience working with the commercial design scene, have my work selling in shops locally and around the country, as well as selling work off my own back, working on commissions and continuing to do the job that I enjoy.

Damon Smith: Well I hope we have grown as a collective, maybe even taking a few more members on to create more varied work within the collective. Also taking part in things events like pick me up would be cool to carry on and why not even aspire to be part of something similar away from the UK.

William Wright: Illustrating on a more commercial basis whilst still skateboarding and having fun.

Sarah Glover: I’d like us all to be successful in our own illustrative careers, whilst also working on exciting collaborations with other collectives and looking forward to exciting exhibitions.

hanging work codswallop 

Everyone has favourite things, so what is the following favs for the following:

Song to work to…

Chloe Hall: Natty Dread by Bob Marley

Damon Smith:I don’t think I have one song, though recently I found listening to the Ricky Gervais Show pod casts are good to have on in the background.

William Wright: The Beastie Boys, Gratitude

Sarah Glover: Anything by Pulp.


Food to eat…

Chloe Hall: Grapes

Damon Smith:Good home cooked food. Working at the studio late nights a lot means i don’t often get to cook meals so when i do its always a treat. A nice slow cooked stew and dumplings is good though might have to wait till next winter now.

William Wright: crisps and biscuits. Not together though.

Sarah Glover: Skittles.


Drink to slurp to…

Chloe Hall: Tea obviously!

Damon Smith:Coffee. It’s my fuel.

William Wright:Coffee, tea or beer.

Sarah Glover: Tea with two sugars.


Colour that finds it’s way into the majority of your work…

Chloe Hall: Pale colours, at the moment its a pale pink/orange colour.

Damon Smith:I normally work with little colour, working predominately with sketch-work, though at the minute a turquoisey colour has seemed to have made it in to my work a few times.

William Wright: Orange, blue and yellow.

Sarah Glover: Turquoise.


Object / item that means a lot to you…

Chloe Hall: The set of drawers in my studio, my grandad made them when he was an apprentice and then he went on to become an artist.

Damon Hill:Sounds a bit materialistic but my phone. I’m forever using it, be it checking and sending emails or trawling through Instagram and the web for inspiration.

William Wright: A Bottle Opener from a trip to Brussels.

Sarah Glover: My I-phone, it’s full of inspiration (Instagram/Pinterest) and lets me talk to all my favourite people.

codswallop pick me up 2

If you were to chose three items from your working studio, what would they be and why?

Chloe Hall: My mac for music and photoshop, a fine liner so I can draw everything and anything, and embroidery thread so I can sew into everything I’ve drawn.

Damon Smith:My mac as it’s where I always end up finalizing and editing my work, so I guess it has to be in the top three items.Architects/ drawing desk, a separate desk to sketch is great, getting myself away from the screen and focusing on pencil and paper.Captains desk chair, not only does it look good it keeps me comfortable for the long hours in front of the screen.

William Wright: My fish pen pot because it holds all my pens and keeps guard of the studio when I’m not there. My flip-flops act as my studio slippers always comfy and look fresh! My skateboard to skate to the kitchen to make a cup of tea or coffee.

Sarah Glover: My desk, because its an adorable old school desk that I’ve painted and re-painted. The pack wax crayons as they’re my favourite medium to use and finally my sewing machine to let me make things.


Third year students are now at the doorway between education and work. What one piece of advice would you all offer these newly graduates?

Chloe Hall: Don’t stop being creative, if you are always doing something creative good things will always come!

Damon Smith:One Main piece of advice is to keep at it. I’ve found not many people come out of university and just find themselves in jobs or with commissioned work and I suppose it could be easy just to throw in the towel at some points though if you keep going and working on things, things start to happen, they just take a little longer than you would hope.

William Wright: Keep going! Don’t stop being creative and do everything that comes your way!

Sarah Glover: Work harder than you ever have & take every opportunity you’re offered





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