Xuhong Zheng – Visualisation

Section 3_library belvedere forest folly

Living spaces_evening

Stair view_morning_website

Xuhong Zheng – An Architecture of Sublime Wilderness


I am a recent Masters of Architecture graduate from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. My work aims to question and challenge the relationship that buildings can have with their surroundings, particularly focusing on how natural elements such as wind, water and sunlight can be brought into the built environment to change the temporal experience and use of spaces.

“The images shown here are drawings from my final Masters project, which proposes an inhabitable wall that controls entry and views into the wild, seasonally flooded landscape of a disused clay quarry at Stewartby, Bedfordshire. The building houses a community of researchers, ecologists, planners and artists who inhabit the sublime wilderness of both the landscape and the architecture. The journey through the building is constructed as a journey through a landscape. The fluctuations of expanding and contracting spaces are orchestrated in order to elicit feelings of tension and release, terror and exhilaration associated with the sublime, through the uses of light, darkness, water, reflections and colours.


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