Louise Jones – Visualisation

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Louise Jones aka Sparklymouse

Illustrator and Embroider

Website / Etsy / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

The collection of images above are all from my new collection, GURLZ. After graduating last year I have been creating new pieces of work and continuing my on going project, the Pretty Ugly collection. I recently exhibited at New Designers: One Year On after being chosen as one of the 60 new biggest names in design, which has inspired me greatly, being the main reason this new series of work has come about.

Inspired by people in all shapes, sizes and weirdness, I like to find images of “beautiful” people and show them in a different light. It all started after I created a series of embroidered portraits centred around highlighting mental illness. This led to the discovery of the loveliness of random threads joining different parts of the person together, showing the inner parts of that person. I like to think that when I produce a portrait in this way it shows a deeper meaning to that person rather than just how they look, as they end up looking so distorted but yet still alluring.


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