Alan Danby – Visualisation



Cabbage Patch Project:

This was a current university project where we had to produce a concept for a new cafe/restaurant, which helps make eating fruit and vegetables fun for children. My main chosen aspects were to create a cafe, which was sustainable and could run by itself whilst also teaching children and families how to eat healthy through organic fruit and vegetables but through fun and creative exercises.

I also wanted the brand to be unique in itself so I thought about having the cafe having its own making stations and having its very own cabbage patch at the rear of the cafe. This would obviously be an allotment with many different fruits and veg for the customers. I decided to run with the concept of using organic foods that are grown at the cafe, which can be picked by the customers and then they can make there own food with the picked fruit and veg. There will be little work stations for people to make smoothies, salads and other meals, there will also be weekly activities through cooking and teaching people and children fun meals and ways to cook, which will help teach children and adults how to lead fun healthy lives. Also helping people to eat fruit and veg more and have there 5- a-day. People will also be able to buy this fruit and veg at the store and have ready-made fruit and veg meals. The cafe itself will specialise in home made smoothies and other healthy bites.


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