Earth Series: Sophia Moseley

Says Sophia:

… Inspired during my residency at The Banff Centre, Canada, in 2013, “Earth Series” attempts to capture something of the Rocky Mountains and the surrounding forests and lakes. Because I didn’t have complete control over where the ink decided to fall on the paper, the paintings required subconscious thought, as well as trust in my ability…

… This latest body of works is a personal favourite and best represents the stage my work is at thus far, having developed through various techniques and specific colour choices. What I love most about the marbling inks and their effect is the element of surprise – that it becomes a game, almost child’s play…

… These paintings are my way of therapy when other projects become too much to think of. For each one I use wallpaper lining or cartridge paper, though any form of discarded material works well, to represent the necessity of detaching oneself from material possessions…

The first five paintings of the series are now available for sale here.

Beyond The Blue Hills



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