Suzanna Davison: Visualisation

new wasteland 001

Children and Matrons in the grounds of the Ida Convalescent Home

wastelandtt2 003

wastelandtt2 007

MP Ernest Bevin tours No.11 Royal Ordnance


Suzanna Davsion

‘Genius Loci’

“The ruinous landscape can demonstrate something of the other, a different moment in time, lacunae, here and there strewn with ruins, can in a fragmentary way stir up something of the past, as a support to the memory of a city.” – Jan De Graaf

Wastelands are often looked at as inane eyesores, as having “no reason to exist.”-Breton. I have always been intrigued and enchanted by the museum like qualities they hold, every barren landscape has a history to tell. Sontag writes “places disfigured and made barren supply a pocket relation to our past.” In wastelands across Britain, this work tells a story of these spaces before they were left to ruin, through the use of archival photographs. Based on the theory of ‘Genius Loci’, a sense of spirit of place created through knowledge of history, the photographs juxtapose the past and the present, attempting to incite the beauty of each place in the viewer.


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