Mark Michael – The Man From Krakow







Mark Michael

The Man From Krakow

This painting explores what we perceive as familiar and how we can be deceived by a façade. The unfamiliar dressed in the familiar and what we take for granted with our eyes.

As an artist I am fascinated and drawn to the personas that we establish around ourselves, either for protection, the need to hide or in some instances to stand out. For this piece I was drawn to a subject of more blatant social subterfuge as it is quite something when a person chooses to assume an identity or persona for advancement in the hope of elevating themselves forward in life. In this painting a Polish man uses a traditional iconic costume and bends it to his own will. We are looking at a man confidently hiding in plain sight.

I have approached this painting by using hand painted text, which presents the viewer with the thoughts behind the figure. At first glance we are presented with familiar iconic apparel, however moving closer to the canvas we are able to read a fragment of what lies beneath the man.

This painting along with two of my other new works is on show at The Sherfield Gallery Open Exhibition. The show runs from the 16th January to the 12th March.


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