Daily Cut Challenge by Fiona Clabon

Daily Cut Challenge

Fiona Clabon

Project Title

Daily Cut – My January Collage Challenge

How it came about and your reasons for doing it?

The whole purpose of doing this project was purely for me and my practice. I’d seen other illustrators do similar projects, where they drew a particular thing everyday etc, and I wanted a piece of this for myself. I’ve got big plans and ideas for my illustration work for 2015, and this was the beginning. I’d spent the last year working in various jobs nearly full-time, and I’m now taking a break from this to focus on my illustration practice. It’s been a brilliant month!

How did you work out the different visuals each day?

Some days ideas came to me a lot easier than others! Some days I would get up and knew exactly what I wanted to illustrate that day, and others it took me until 9pm to figure it out. I enjoyed it when the day’s illustration was linked to what I’d been doing that day, like the day I spent working at the library or wearing my wellies in the rain. On the days where I didn’t do anything exciting I just plumped for something I liked or enjoyed, and most of the time this ended up as food!

What was your best moment of the process?

That’s a tricky one! It’s lovely now, being able to looking back on the 31 images I’ve created. Proving to myself that I can do it has also be great – that I can find the time to do it when I’ve struggled before, and that I can illustrate a reasonably wide range of subject matter – At the beginning of this I didn’t think I’d be creating shops fronts, art galleries and buses!

It’s also been great producing a bank of images. A few have already come in handy as starting points for current projects, including a new shop, Lab Shop, working with Bristol 2015 and Made in Bristol and my Valentine’s Cards.

So yes, overall a great month, and I definitley plan to do something similar in the future again, as I got so much out of it.

Day 3. Today I popped out in the rain to do a spot of shopping with my Mum, unfortunately none of our shopping bags were as pretty as these.
Day 5. It was back to work today for a lot of people, which meant the roads are back to being crazy busy again. Today’s illustration is for my Dad, who suggested the idea and I know secretly would love a bright orange car one day.
Day 6. And surprisingly the first day I’ve included food! I have lots of ideas floating around in my head to do with vegetables, including making an allotment print and recipe cards. But for now, here’s some carrots.
Day 12. After spending the morning working at the library, I then spent the afternoon making one.
Day 14. It’s definitely been a day for splish-splashing around in a pair of these.
Day 18. Off to drive down to Plymouth today to stay with a lovely cousin. Looking forward to my orange field and sweet-filled journey.
Day 19. Very happy to be waking up in Plymouth this morning. Feels so good to get away for a few days and to be by the sea.
Day 22. Started generating ideas today for a project I’m going to be taking part in all around Bristol European Green Capital 2015. There’s going to be lots of collage and lots of green!
Day 23. It was a super frosty morning in Bristol today. Definitely a day for these woolies.
Day 28. Here’s the beginning draft of a series of shop fronts I’m planning to do over the coming months. Cake was obviously my first choice, what other shop fronts could I do?



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