Chloe Hall: Visualisation

Beach Babe_1 Beach Babe_2 Beach Babe BeachBabePattern BeachBabes_Pink BeachHunks_Blue BeachHunks

Chloe Hall

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Beach Babes

I had a lot of fun creating the ‘Beach Babes’ series, creating loose line drawings and adding the detail of hand embroidery to my digital prints to give the fun drawings an extra dimension. They were created for Shine On 3, an exhibition in Somewhereto WOT space in Leicester. I was struggling to think of an idea for the exhibition and originally started to doodle just swimming costumes, my loose style of line drawing meant creating the different shaped bodies of the babes came quite naturally and it was entertaining to see what the outcome of each ‘Beach Babe’ was. I normally create my illustrations from observation and these illustrations were a mixture of past observations and my imagination so I let my mind do the illustrating for probably the first time and realised it isn’t as hard as I thought it was! To accompany the Beach Babes I am currently working on a gang of Beach Hunks, and will be producing a range of greeting cards to accompany the prints, and maybe even a limited fabric product using the patterns I’ve created!


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