Alex Szabo-Haslam – Great Minds



Alex Szabo-Haslam – Great Minds: philosophy posters and note cards with quotes.

We’d like to introduce Alex, a designer at TruthStudio in Sheffield, and creator of a rather unique set of prints. He’s after your help, yes you, to create a series of unique limited-edition A2 posters and A6 note cards. Each poster and card displays inspirational and thought-provoking quotes from great thinkers, including Oscar Widle, Mark Twain, Florence Nightingale and Albert Einstein – that’s only naming a few.

How can you help?

Look at the cards and posters below, then choose from the list of pledges. You can order in quantities of 1-10 items – in any combination of posters and packs of cards. You don’t need to do anything else as Alex will contact you at the end of the funding period to confirm your choice of items and your delivery address.


So what are you waiting for? Jump across to watch his inspirational video and make a cheeky pledge! Let’s get these voices heard, and by doing so the first step you need to take is by clicking right here.

You can follow Alex on Instagram, Twitter and also Facebook to keep up-to-date with his happenings and progress.











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